"Digitalization is a turning point in our history and has a huge impact on our lives.

We believe it is the biggest opportunity since globalization and hence it plays absolutely key role in our strategy."


Digitalization. Our key priority for the coming years, deeply embedded in all strategies across the company. 

Digital Platforms is a new “fresh out of the oven” department, where we are addressing digitalization up close. 

Our teams are exploiting topics such as APIs, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Data Lake & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and more. We’re designing, prototyping, building – but also running and supporting cutting-edge digital solutions for our customers and employees. 

We’re very excited to see the positive impact of our work – but also recognize the potential is much bigger. And this is why we need you!

Interested in shaping the future of logistics with us? Read on!


Icon Virtual Assistants
Virtual Assistants (Chatbots)
Did you know most of the people would rather clean their bathroom than call customer service? In our Virtual Assistant team, we’re on a mission to ensure every customer interaction is a delightful one. Our AI-powered assistants support more than a million customers and employees every month to achieve that goal. Available 24x7 and deeply personalized, our product and engineering team is laser focused on great customer service experiences.
Icon Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

In the Intelligent Automation team, we are exploiting technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, Intelligent Optional Character Recognition, Business Process Optimization and Citizen Development/Low Code. We are helping our people to take the robot out of the human by automating the repetitive, so that they can focus on the creative. Naturally, this brings much operational efficiencies, better productivity and job satisfaction. And all that at large scale, having one of the largest automation deployments globally.
Icon Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our IoT team is on a mission to provide a group-wide platform, which dramatically accelerates IoT adoption for the purpose of operational excellence, customer experience and employee safety. We are focusing on areas such as tracking of shipments or various assets, as well as monitoring conditions in our warehouses. With dozens of great use-cases to exploit, we are bringing the promise of Internet of Things to life – at the largest logistics company in the world.


Empowering customers and employees with the best APIs to easily integrate our capabilities, products and solutions into digital offerings. That is what our API team is after. We’re continuously tuning a cutting-edge multi-regional PaaS solution, as well as building new use-cases on top with billions of API requests every month. Need to track a package? Get a label for it? Integrate Machine Learning in your service? Yes, there is an API for that and more is coming up all the time.


Blockchain is our youngest technology, but with lots of potential. In this team, we are focusing on business cases that do make good use of this promising technology by providing a multi-industry platform, as well as tailored use-cases for particular needs. Next to great engineering and operations, we are also looking at Blockchain interoperability and consortia management to accelerate adoption of this technology at scale.

Data Lake & Analytics

Being the largest logistics company in the world, we generate a lot of data. Certainly a “Big Data” in our case. At Data Lake & Analytics team, we are working on solutions that help us store all that, as well as analyze the data to get key insights for our business and our customers. This is a simply a place where we deal with everything that is “data”. Our architects, engineers and scientists are focused on enabling new use-cases every day and there’s yet so much more to exploit.


All our teams are marrying Agile (Scrum) and DevOps. It simply makes sense for modern department like ours. No more throwing the “problem code” to support, no silos. Our teams are completely product oriented, having end to end responsibility for success of a product in development and in production. Typically, you would find roles like DevOps Engineers, Product Managers and Scrum Masters only. Same people, taking care of the full stack of the infrastructure, application, but also the business side of the product.

The day-to-day work is typically following the best practices of Scrum; so stand-ups, reviews, retrospectives, estimating story points, working in impediments, iterating on the product, deploying many times etc. There is also space for exploration, as the products develop continuously, so we work with startups and other enterprises to stay on the cutting edge. And then cherry-pick what really makes sense.