Supply Chain office workers


Let's hear from our employees ​​​​​​​

Yossi Lubaton
"I am 7 years in the company, I arrived raw without knowing what DHL Group was and without knowing what I was doing. Today I have already conquered 6 promotions and feel proud and grateful for everything!"
Office Worker, Gen Z
Supply Chain, Brazil
Yossi Lubaton
"It is visible how many career opportunities exist in the company. I am an example of this. After six years of joining the company, I am a quality supervisor with autonomy and a great possibility to develop my professional skills further"
Office Worker, Gen Y
Supply Chain, Brazil
Yossi Lubaton
"When I see products that are distributed by DHL in a supermarket, pharmacy, or a hospital, it reminds me of my own importance in making this happen."
Office Worker, Gen X
Supply Chain, Brazil

Yossi Lubaton
"DHL Supply Chain in Westerville Ohio has been awesome since the day I got here - the people are great, the onboarding was the best I have experienced in my career. The DHL culture is friendly, flexible, inclusive, and supportive for all employees. With DHL, I've finally had the opportunity to prove I'm good at what I do."
Office Worker, Baby Boomer Gen
Operations, USA