When you think of DHL, you probably picture our distinctive yellow and red branding. But our identity as a business – and a place to work – runs a whole lot deeper than that.

It's our culture, our values, the way we draw on each other's talents, that sets us apart from other employers. And of course, the way everyone is recognized and rewarded for the unique contribution they bring.

Scroll down to learn more, and see what our application process involves.
When you think of DHL, you probably picture our distinctive yellow and red branding. But our identity as a business – and a place to work – runs a whole lot deeper than that.


There are lots of great reasons to join the DHL family. Here are just a few of them.


Find out more about the values we share, and how they influence everything we do.

  Let's hear from our employees

"The company always shares internal job postings and offers training in MyTalentWorld. Our supervisors are also open to the idea that we might leave and join another department within DHL Group for our career growth. The company offers bonuses based on KPIs and travel opportunities. The company supports you. DHL has many other things to offer."
Office Worker, Gen Z
Global Forwarding, Phillipines
"Without DHL, companies would not be able to sustain themsevles. As one of the largest competitors in the supply chain industry, we have built great relationships with customers from different sectors of economy and created a name for ourselves as one of the best company to partner with and to work for."
Office Worker, Gen Y
Supply Chain, USA
"I get to work on something new and exciting every few months! We are encouraged to always develop and are supported through this constant change. I feel that I am rewarded in many ways; self-development, social support at work, flexibility, and monetary. It's very clear to me where I can look for career opportunities (from discussions with managers, emails on vacancies, career aspirations, etc.)"
Office Worker, Gen X
GBS, Luxerbourg
"In DHL we are very respected and very diverse. Nice remuneration and a package of benefits help us a lot in our day to day life."
Frontline Worker, Baby Boomer Gen
Supply Chain, Brazil


​​​​​​​There's plenty to look forward to. The specifics will vary, but wherever you join and in whatever role,
you'll find our benefits and rewards are among the best in the industry. They include:

  • Highly competitive salaries/pay rates
  • Outstanding training opportunities
  • Fantastic career development prospects
  • Various health and well-being programs
  • Family-friendly working arrangements
  • Company healthcare and pension schemes


The aim of our recruitment process is always the same: to give you and us a chance to get to know each other better. The exact details and order we do things will vary depending upon the role, location, and business area you join. But here's an example of what it could look like:

Online application

Once you’ve found a role you’re interested in, simply click ‘Apply’ and fill in your online application. In most cases, you can use your LinkedIn profile to complete the various fields. You'll also be able to upload any relevant documents, such as your CV and letters of recommendation.

Telephone interview

If your application fits well with the requirements of the role, we’ll arrange a telephone interview with a member of our team. This will allow us to further assess your abilities and gain a better sense of who you are.
Personal interview
If all goes well during the telephone interview, we’ll invite you to a personal interview – face-to-face if possible, or on a video call. Here, you'll have the chance to talk in more depth about your skills and experience, and show us your personality.

Assessment center

Depending on the position, we may then invite you to an assessment center. Each one is different, but expect various practical challenges and team exercises. You’ll also have the chance to meet fellow applicants and senior leaders from our business.


If we offer you the job (and you accept, of course!), the final stage is onboarding. We'll ask you to fill in and sign a few documents, including your contract, then send you any additional information to help you prepare for your first day.


Learn how we embrace the differences that make us all unique individuals.


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