We have a truly unique culture at DHL Express. And now we’re proud to have been recognized by Great Place To Work and Fortune Magazine as the No. 1 World’s best workplace 2021! Want to be part of our team? Find out more about what makes DHL Express such a great place to work.


As the most international company in the world, diversity comes naturally to us. An inclusive work place means offering the same great working environment to everyone. It means equal opportunities for all, and encouraging everyone to bring their whole selves to work. 


We firmly believe that unity and acceptance is the core strength of our network. That each of us has something unique to offer, and that our realities and experiences are an integral part of our work. DHL4ALL helps us make the most of every employee's strengths and empowers our entire network to be the best they can be.


Whilst, traditionally, logistics has been a male-dominated industry, DHL4HER seeks to establish a gender balanced business by encouraging more women to consider a career in logistics and placing a heavy focus on nurturing the existing female talent at DHL Express. From female couriers to senior leaders, we are transforming the perception of logistics and inspiring teams around the world to create diverse workplaces that offer equal opportunities for all. 


We want to bring the best out of every single person at DHL Express. To do this, we prioritize the development of our people. We constantly identify on-the-job development opportunities and ensure every employee has an individual development plan. We firmly believe that it's our people that make us great.

Certified International Specialist

Every single person who joins DHL Express will take part in our Certified International Specialist (CIS) learning program. But first things first, every new joiner will undertake the CIS induction; a fully immersive, four-day learning program that explores DHL's entrepreneurial history, and provides an insight into the primary business focus, strategy and unique DHL spirit.

Certified International Manager

Our Certified International Manager (CIM) and CIM Supervisory programs develop our supervisors and managers by equipping them with the skills to be effective 21st Century leaders. 

Fit for Work, Fit for Life

We're not just concerned about how our colleagues are doing at work - we want everyone at DHL Express to have a healthy work-life balance – and our Fit for Work, Fit for Life initiatives do just that.


Due to the nature of our business, our global network enables us to reach places that no other company can – and that's the same for our charitable initiatives. We are driven to make a difference, and believe that it's up to us to help make the world a better place – giving back to the world we help to connect, and improve, every single day.

DHL's Got Heart

Nothing brings people together like a common cause - and DHL's Got Heart is a perfect example. The program is a celebration of DHL employees who give up their time to support causes within their local communities that they're passionate about. So far we have donated over €2.5m for charitable causes across the world, over four years.


Working with two established partners – Teach for All and SOS Children's Villages – GoTeach helps us to give back to the communities we serve in a lasting, meaningful way. Helping children and young people from all socio-economic backgrounds to develop their potential, we offer them the chance to learn skills and access new opportunities for their career development. 


Our Group-wide environmental protection program, GoGreen's objective is to reduce and avoid emissions of greenhouse gases and local air pollutants in our work. By the year 2050, we want to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero. 


It's part of our DNA to go above and beyond, day in, day out. Nothing makes us prouder than seeing people succeed. For that reason, recognition is a core component of our culture and we take pride in acknowledging and celebrating the successes of our colleagues.

An annual event dedicated solely to saying Thank You. With activities ranging from parties, games and competitions, to relaxation, sports and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives -- we recognize and reward the hard work of dedicated Express colleagues.