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We look forward to Monday, not just Friday! Our company and our people are part of DPDHL, and beyond our expert knowledge of worldwide logistics, we’re passionate about beverages too. That’s what truly sets us apart. Be part of DHL Global Forwarding’s specialist beverage company – us! Join our team - check out our job postings.

We are human and empathetic

Do you believe in building strong and trustworthy relationships with customers and/or partners? Will you listen to them, understand their needs, and work hand-in-hand to find them the most efficient solutions? Our career opportunities in logistics are perfect for people with these characteristics.

We are passionate

Are you ready to love what you do and put all your energy into doing your best? Do you put your heart, mind and soul into the work you do? Can your ambition lead to action?

We are daring

Will you constantly seek new opportunities to challenge and improve upon what we already do by thinking beyond existing needs? Our logistic career opportunities allow you to challenge yourself and continue learning every day to improve your skills leading to client success.

We are knowledgeable

Can you apply your knowledge and expertise to manage logistics services smoothly for our customers, keep them updated, and help them to make informed decisions about their shipments? 


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What our people say about beverage logistics jobs at Hillebrand Gori


We’re not just freight forwarders, we transport much more than products. We transport the passion with which they have been dreamt, thought, created, treated, kept, and cared for. We are a company of DHL, specialized in the careful transportation of wine, beer and spirits.
Denis Rosen
"My 2-year apprenticeship in Denmark was where my career began. I wanted to discover new horizons and as a global company, Hillebrand offered me the opportunity to move to Canada as an Operator. My job is monitoring and tracking all the vessels/containers that are due into Canada. I arrange the delivery of the containers that stay in British Columbia and arranging the domestic truck moves for one of Canada's biggest beer importers. The main challenge is being able to juggle a lot of tasks at the same time and still provide the excellent customer service.  That's what I like the most."

Morten Skriver, Operator - Vancouver, Canada

Denis Rosen
"Hillebrand really supports global mobility. After 7 amazing years working in the Dubai office, I asked to move back home to Kenya. Which is where I now manage the operations for East Africa. It’s been tremendous for my professional growth. We handle many import challenges and engage with different government bodies who control and regulate imports. We also help customers to better understand how logistics can help their business. "

Viddy Kibe, Operations Team Leader - Naroibi, Kenya

Denis Rosen
"I have always enjoyed working in a customer centric service industry. I take special pride in Hillebrand’s ambition and collaborative can-do attitude, which makes me glad to work in this company. It is an important part of my life. When I joined the company in 2013 as Sales Manager, I was fascinated with our focused beverages business policy and its reputation. I am excited for a dynamic future, providing equal opportunities with flexible and better working condition."

Yoonmi Goh, Country Manager - Seoul, Korea

Denis Rosen
"When we were acquired by Hillebrand in 2007, we were welcomed with open arms. All our staff were progressively integrated in the organisation and it enabled us to evolve our bulk services. Today I manage the beverage unit in Australia, having been offered the opportunity to move within the business. I enjoy working with great customers from prestigious companies and Meeting them on a regular basis. We make business personal, we care and we have a unique knowledge in bulk logistics."

Glen Brown, Business Unit Manager – Bulk Wine - Adelaide, Australia

Denis Rosen
"My manager  has allowed me to try new tasks, pushed me to learn, listened to my ideas and helped me develop. I really enjoy working for 2 offices, it makes my work so interesting. We help each other, sharing knowledge and experience. My favorite task is month-end close.  It brings together the hard work from every department."

Suzanne Hepburn, Assistant Finance Manager - Glasgow, UK