How we work



As a group committed to diversity, data scientists and engineers from all backgrounds and different skill sets bring their expertise to our data science teams. Our data science community consist of physicists, statisticians, natural scientists, computer scientists and engineers from various fields. Each individual brings his or her own expertise to company, to come up with the best solutions.

Data science community

DHL Group employs many data scientists among divisions and global locations and we prioritize collaboration across all our divisions and location. We arrange community gatherings such as our regional Lunch and Learn meetings, where our scientists share project experiences, and our annual Data Science Day, where our data scientists get together in Bonn for a full day of internal and external presentations and information exchange. For more academic endeavors, some data scientists have frequent meetings in our Data Science Journal Club, where the topic is cutting-edge data science research.

External collaborations 

In addition to our internal community, we also have ties with external data science communities. We do occasional exchanges with the data science departments of other companies on methods and use cases. We also share our knowledge in public events like regional Meetups.

Do you have an innovative idea for your data science thesis that relates to data analytics and the logistics industry? Then we look forward to hearing about it. We do occasionally have students working on their theses on-premise.

Continuous learning 

In this challenging world of competition, our data scientists are in full control of their own development – with the sparring and mentorship of our data science colleagues. We bring our new joiners up to speed in our data science bootcamp – covering data science from a business and technical perspective. To keep up with the latest advancements in both literature and technology, our teams participate in workshops and seminars all around the world. Furthermore, we conduct regular internal trainings and participate in external trainings where we see a need for improvement. It is absolutely vital for us that our data scientists and engineers continue to learn – for the sake of themselves and our company.

Corporate data lake 

Data is an asset – and, in DHL Group, we consider data to be as important an asset as our hubs, planes and trucks. It is imperative for us that all data scientists in the Group have access to data from a reliable and easy to reach source. Our corporate big data infrastructure, more colloquially known as our Data Lake, is currently under implementation – so if you are a data engineer looking for an exceptional opportunity, this is it. We aim to enable our data scientists to deploy their big data and machine learning solutions, with a single click, without worrying about scalability.

Exemplary projects

Key players


Data Scientist
PhD Engineering
“I enjoy working at the Data Analytics Center of Excellence because of the vast range of interesting topics, the opportunity to specialize in focus areas of my interest and the chance to bring benefits to our customers and the company.”


Data Scientist
“Forecasting presents many exciting challenges to a Data Scientist. I consider myself lucky to be able to tackle these problems among like-minded colleagues who are all constantly striving to solve problems better for our business partners. In the meantime, we also aim to develop ourselves and keep abreast of the fast moving, ever expanding and thrilling world of Machine Learning.”


Data Scientist

“Working at DHL Group has provided me with an excellent opportunity to develop data science solutions using latest technologies which directly impact and potentially improve the business processes. Without doubt, what makes it an amazing place to work is the team diversity, positive spirit and open culture among colleagues which encourages development for all.”

Key players


Data Science – Team Lead
"Delivering millions of letters, parcels, and shipments of all sizes to customers every day requires an enormous amount of decisions to be taken every day and generates a huge amount of data. Using this data to inform and improve the decisions is a huge opportunity both for the company as well as for myself.


Data Scientist
PhD Physics
"As a Data Scientist at DHL Group I enjoy working on a vast range of exciting topics from various business areas with an immediate and tangible impact, while constantly learning and developing. On top, doing so within a team of curious and great personalities is especially rewarding."

Key players


Data Scientist – Operations Research
PhD Mathematical Optimization
"We are confronted with a variety of difficult problems for which no standard solution exists. To effectively tackle these problems we have to combine different methods, which we may already be familiar with – or that we have to learn by doing research. I really enjoy this challenging work, which requires a lot of creativity."


Data Scientist – Operations Research
PhD Computer Science
"Working at DHL Group allows me to solve real problems and to immediately observe the effect of my solutions. I learn something new every day and, what I find especially cool, is the combination of data science and optimization."