Programa AIESEC Upgrade



Veamos rápidamente los distintos pasos del proceso de aplicación.

Online Registration & Application

You can find all of our internship opportunities in the global AIESEC website: We post new opportunities throughout the whole year, therefore we advise you to check the page regularly.

Once you’ve found an internship you’re interested in, you can submit your application right away on the AIESEC website. If you experience any technical issues with the website registration, please consult your local AIESEC office.

Interview & Selection

We screen all applications and shortlist those candidates who fulfill all formal requirements and fit best to the role based on their skills and experiences. 
If you make it through pre-selection, you will then have an interview with the hiring manager. The selection process may include different steps (case study, task, etc.) depending to the role. Once the hiring manager has interviewed all of the shortlisted candidates, the most suitable person for the role will be selected


If you have been selected for the position, we will provide you with all relevant information to start your internship experience.

​​​​​​​You will receive personal, professional and functional support to become fully equipped for your new role. AIESEC will also support you to learn more about your new country and the culture.


"Even just a month into my internship, I had already taken lead on numerous internal campaigns, was managing external stakeholder agencies, and working alongside the entire global management. You can’t get valuable experience like this anywhere else!"
Shivani Zala
"My experience in Global operations development has accelerated my personal and professional skills massively as one of the key learning was strategic thinking and developing storylines to any target audience while having a this experience with diverse team from different countries."
Ehab Sorour
"I’m proud to say I have the chance to openly bring ideas to the table and discuss them equally with my experienced colleagues."
Caio Lima
"Working in a company as big as DHL has allowed me to develop myself in a personal and professional way, challenging me every day to give the best of me. The projects that I carry out every day have a global impact, which allows me to learn different things and make my work more dynamic."
Alejandro Campo
"My internship at DHL was filled with responsibilities, creative space and project management. Every day was a new challenge, but facing it was easier with the support of excellent colleagues and a positive workplace."
Fiola Aranha