Our Supply Chain graduate program in EMEA

Our G100 program is designed for high-performing graduates and young professionals in what is a particularly fast-paced and innovative area of the business. If you're one of the 100-or-so talented individuals chosen to join this program each year, you'll be working alongside and learning with the best, as we prepare you to become the next generation of Supply Chain leaders.

The program is available in several countries across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). You can enjoy a Graduate opportunity in: 
Africa (Kenya, South Africa), Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands), CEE (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), France, Germany, Iberia (Spain, Portugal), Italy, Nordics (Finland, Denmark, Normay, Sweden) and Turkey.

​​​​​​​In these countries, you'll find career opportunities in five main areas:
Operational Leadership
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The core of our business, our front-line operations are where we can make the most obvious and immediate difference to customers. Learning on the job, you'll discover what it takes to lead and inspire our front-line teams and satisfy customers every day. At the same time, you'll develop the skills you need to fast track through the business and become a Site Manager or take on a senior leadership role. Join us here and you'll play a big part in bringing our operations strategy to life. These are the roles that make things happen!
Operations Excellence
 The work we do here is all about ensuring a safe and efficient workplace, and a healthy and productive working culture. During your time on the program, you'll dive into a variety of areas, such as technology innovations, KPI management, HSE legislation and standards, injury prevention, and behavioral-based safety. All of which will broaden your expertise and prepare you for whatever opportunities the future brings. 
Here, you'll spend time with a range of different on-site and regional finance teams. You might be working as a Finance Assistant, Business Analyst or Finance Manager, or get involved in larger projects. Whatever you do, each new experience will build on the last, and help you lay the foundations for a great career ahead.
IT Big Data. Cloud Computing. A.I. Automation. At the point where IT, Engineering and Operations converge, you'll get to work with all the latest technologies. Supporting and managing a wide range of projects might involve you working on-site with a particular customer, or in one of our central teams, across a number of different contracts. Either way, it's the perfect grounding for a rich and varied IT career.
Human Resources

Through a series of placements, you'll develop the skills and experience you need to become an HR generalist or a specialist in areas such as talent acquisition, learning & development, compensation & benefits or performance management. Together, these placements will also help you understand the crucial role of HR within the business, and the wealth of opportunities open to you.

If you're keen to take the initiative when it comes to your career, develop your experience with different teams, and do work that makes a real difference to our business and our customers, our G100 program is the one for you and you can apply for our Talent Pools.


"From the day you first start on the G100 program, it's clear you're being developed as a leader of the future."
Deniz Karadağ HR Graduate, Turkey
 "The G100 Program is helping me to become an expert in supply chain management and achieve my goal of being an Area Manager." 
Dawid Kacprzyk Team Leader, Poland
 "The environment and people whom I am working with motivate me to move forward, learn and work harder on myself. To gain experiences from skilled people is very important for me." 
Juraj Ďurovič OPS Graduate, Slovakia
 "At this moment I just finished my Grad program and I am eager to say that I have found my heart in the Operational department. I am now working as a Warehouse Supervisor in a Life Science and Healthcare division." 
Senna van Zoggel Shift Manager, Benelux
"The best thing about my job is the multidisciplinary interaction when working on a solution. This broadens the scope of your development substantially."
Ralf Maathuis Finance Graduate – Benelux