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DHL Express YIS Program Overview

​​​​​​​DHL Express Mexico offers you the opportunity to live your first experience in the most international company. The YIS program provides a complete learning process to train the next generation of leaders. 

Members will have the opportunity to rotate in different areas of the company, in order to gain a better understanding of the business and learn about the experience of international specialists.


Career Opportunities
​​​​​​​You are at the most important moment to establish the direction of your professional career. The program provides you with the opportunity to learn about different areas to help you make the best decision.
Opening and challenges
We believe in young talent. Your assignments will have exposure at different levels of the organization, as well as openness to suggestions for new ways of working.

Benefits & Career development after the program

Comprehensive onboarding process
To get started with the international specialist apprenticeship program, the first step is to learn the core areas of DHL Express: Operations, Sales and Customer Service. We experience the operations up close and participate in the process based on expert opinion. 
Special Projects
Once the onboarding process is complete, each YIS participant will receive a project with quantifiable and specific goals to complete over the next 6 months, except for operations, in which case the projects are annual. These objectives will be evaluated and based on this; feedback will be provided to establish the final performance rating. Projects are highly recognized and have a great impact on the organization, as well as having specific metrics and dates to strictly track. 
The rotation program is 6 months, except for operations, in which case it is annual. Participants choose, together with their tutors, the areas in which they wish to rotate, according to their professional interests and development opportunities.
Our scholarship program is goal-based; We evaluate the participant's performance every 6 months to assign a performance rating that equates to a percentage increase for the scholarship.

Eligibility requirements​


  • Active students for more than a minimum of 1 year and a half and a maximum of 2 years to graduate. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, economics, administration or related.
  • Computer skills 
  • Minimum age 19 and maximum age 25 years old.
  • Face – to – face work in Mexico City 
  • Advanced English level 
  • No prior experience is required.

Phases of this program

Phase 1 (1 month)
Your specialist area will define the objectives you’ll be working during the semester
Phase 2  (3 months)
The mid-term evaluation has the purpose of analyzing your progress and seeing what you need to complete your objectives together with feedback from your leader
Phase 3  (6 months).
At the conclusion of your rotation, you will make a presentation to expose your results to the other YIS members 


We seek to attract the best talent in the market. Our selection dynamics mean useful preparation and networking, as well as being very exhaustive, regarding students from different universities.
We open our ads every 6 months, in May and October
You will receive some English and psychometric test.
You will receive business cases to develop, we want to see all your potential.

Moments that matter @DHL Group 

Yossi Lubaton
"It was a pleasant integration process where I had the opportunity to meet them in a context other than work. I have learned about various topics, platforms and tools that are useful for daily work. It should be noted that my leader has always shown openness and support.
On the other hand, I seek to learn from my mistakes, be more efficient and find ways to innovate the area, so that its processes improve and to be able to "leave a mark" on this department"
Andrea Barrios,
YIS Compensations and Benefits 
Yossi Lubaton
"I have had an incredible experience, I can observe how this area has so much scope with the others, it is something that I have not just imagined, to see and realize how the tools and training that they offer to collaborators from other areas impact the work operational.
I have been able to develop communication skills, which due to the nature of my projects, keep me in constant communication with people from different areas and regions, even from another country, and I am grateful for the trust I have with my leader to be able to approach and request support"
Jesus Alejandro Gómez Islas,
YIS First Choice
Yossi Lubaton
"Being part of the operational area in a company like DHL is a unique experience, being able to see the operation in the first person has given me wonderful knowledge about the company, transport and logistics in general, the fact that the area focuses on processes has taught me to measure how many people try every day so that a single package is delivered, and this seems to me something extraordinary.
Being part of this program has given me the opportunity to grow personally, professionally and at school, I know that all the experience I am getting is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
Lucia Hernández Vasquez,
YIS Operations
Yossi Lubaton
"The YIS program has been an excellent experience, full of learning, development of abilities and challenges, understand how the operation works. My leader provide me all the tools to solve every situation and has challenged me to use them. I have still time left in the program and I have great expectations!"

Alberto Martínez González, YIS Operations
Yossi Lubaton
"As a YIS I have not only had my first approach to the working life; I have also defined my professional career since I have been able to rotate in the different areas of the company and find out what I am passionate about.  
Ultimately, in the two areas that I have had the opportunity to rotate (Accounts Payable / Retail) I developed skills and knowledge that allowed me to grow both professionally and personally and this is thanks to the team members and my mentor."

Erick Rosales Gonzalez,
YIS Retail    

Check a day in our program

Consuelo Yutzil Martínez Rodríguez/ YIS Marketing  When we start a new job, we always ask ourselves, what will my day-to-day be like? Look at Yutzil’s day! 
Julieta Sepúlveda Sánchez / YIS Human Resources
When we start a new job, we always ask ourselves, what will my day-to-day be like? Look at Julieta’s day! 

FAQs on the programme

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